Iowa Minister Jonathan Offt Arrested Trying To Pay For Sex

Marion, Iowa

Like most men, Jonathan Offt was looking for a little sex. In his case, however, a few problems exist. First, he is a married father of three. Second, he was willing to pay for sex.  Oh, and there is that little fact of him serving as senior pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Cedar Rapids.

Offt, 41, was one of nine men nabbed in a recent prostitution sting by Marion Police. Like the others, Offt responded to an Internet ad placed by police. Once on the scene and after offering an undercover officer money in exchange for a sexual act, Offt and the other men were arrested.

Since his arrest, Offt has remained tight-lipped. However, on the website for Trinity Lutheran Church and School, business director Pat Ehler posted the following:

“Trinity Lutheran Church and School is saddened by the most recent news story regarding Jonathan Offt. The proper authorities are handling the situation. The church and school request your prayers for all involved. We have no further comments at this time.”


3 Responses to “Iowa Minister Jonathan Offt Arrested Trying To Pay For Sex”

  1. People in glass houses should not throw stones. That may not be a religous statement but it is a true one. Sensationalizing any person’s errors is a sin in itself. I do not see the same type of coverage on any one of the many others that have made the same sin. While the pastor does have a responsibility of being the example to his congregation. One sin or mistake, should not wipe ALL of the good that a person has accomplished for others. I thought forgiveness and compassion for one’s weaknesses was the cornerstone of any religion. The coverage of this story on this site is very disappointing.

    • PASTOR Jonathan Offt is a Kind, Considerate, Caring and loving individual. He is sincere and dedicated to his ministry, congregation, church and school. He loves it all.

      I agree with the girl that wrote the above, ALL THE GOOD THAT A PERSON HAS DONE FOR EVERYONE SHOULD NOT BE WIPED OUT FOR ONE MISTAKE. Everyone at Trinity Church wants Pastor Offt as SR. Pastor again along with Pastor Miller. They are great together. No One here on Earth is Perfect. The only person I know that is perfect is OUR FATHER in Heaven. I think Pastor Offt should be re-instated as our Pastor.

  2. Everyone wants Pastor Jonathan Offt back as Sr. Pastor. NO ONE IS PERFECT, Not even any SYNOD of a church, we all make mistakes. A mistake was made and he is very sorry for it. We hope that the entire Synod of this church reads this and re-installs him, they aren’t perfect and neither are we, only GOD, OUR SAVIOR IS PERFECT.

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