Welcome to Something Sinister, featuring news beyond the norm. Basically, our goal is to provide a glimpse into the darker side of society. We’ll do our best to bring you a variety of stories and topics, all with one goal in mind…to raise the question:

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By the way, a quick word about our content, or what lawyer-types like to call “Disclaimer.” All stories originate from actual news stories and such from around the world. In other words, we don’t just make this shit up. That’s why you’ll find some sort of source link or referring text to the original item. For now, let me cover the basics:

Is the story about you and you’re mad as hell? Contact the news source where the story originated from. Do we display your shiny, new mugshot? Guess what? Mugshots are not your property. Send all complaints to the agency that busted your ass and took the photo. Do you like a particular story here, have an idea, leave us a comment. Now, I’ll turn things over to the lawyers.


Official Legal Disclaimer

The information included on this blog is reflective of actual news reports, stories and feeds from around the world, including appropriate source links and text. The stories and/or other informational materials are not the creation of the blog owner. In any legal cases concerning those charged or accused, the blog owner believes in the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in a court of law. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and not intended as a platform for offending anyone or any party involved directly or indirectly. Furthermore, it is not intended as an outlet to defame, purge or humiliate anyone or any party involved directly or indirectly. Comments left by visitors and viewers are the sole responsibility of the comment authors and in no way reflect the opinions or views of the blog owner. Likewise, depending on the commenting author’s location, the author may be bound to the laws of the country of origin. The blog owner cannot verify the accuracy of any information provided by the reporting news sources and source links and takes no responsibility over validity of information posted in comments sections. Those leaving comments, any sites linking to this blog, as well as any news sources are in no way affiliated with the blog owner. The blog owner is not responsible for any information shared with another party, website or additional blog. This blog is not compensated to present or for the presentation of any material contained herein.


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