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Wisconsin Funeral Director William Feerick Undertakes Felony Drug Charges

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William Feerick

What do you get when you combine a funeral home director, a 22-year-old man and a supply of heroin?

Well, for William Feerick, he’s now facing felony drug charges. The 52-year-old funeral director and co-owner of Feerick Funeral Home in Shorewood is facing up to three years in prison. According to authorities, they received a call to Feerick’s residence concerning a heroin overdose. Upon arrival, they not only found 22-year-old overdose victim Anthony Vitrano, but also a stash of pain killers, marijuana pipes, a vile with cocaine residue and other drugs.

Police have charged Feerick with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, and possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. The recovering Vitrano has also been charged with possession of heroin.

On the funeral home’s website, William Feerick says the following:

“Serving others through funeral service is fulfilling, providing many opportunities to help them through a difficult time. While I enjoy being active in many civic and charitable organizations, funeral service brings the greatest rewards.”

Let’s remember better days for the funeral director (featured 2nd in video). And no, he’s not “creepy” at all…ahem, cough.


Mother Leaves Toddler Alone In A Hot Car With a Corpse

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Jessica Ockman

New Orleans, Louisiana

I was wondering when a good corpse story was going to present itself and today, I am happy to say, I found it.

This one involves a corpse, a toddler, a car and a mother. First the mother, 33-year-old Jessica Ockman is the one who ended up behind bars. Police say she left her 20-month-old son in a parked vehicle along with the corpse of a dead friend for more than an hour at a Metairie gas station. Ockman now faces charges involving child desertion and drugs.

On Friday morning, gas station employees found Ockman unconscious in the restroom. When police arrived, they discovered Ockman’s car parked at one of the fuel pumps. Inside the vehicle, was the body of 22-year-old Shelby Fleming.

Fleming was pronounced dead at the scene. Her cause of death is unclassified pending the outcome of toxicology tests.

Ockman is not being charged in connection with Fleming’s death, which investigators have said was not the result of a criminal act. Ockman as it seems, is no stranger to jail. Her Myspace page contains a set of photos labeled “post. Jail.”

Deputies found Ockman unresponsive on the restroom floor along with a lighter and a spoon. They also recovered a white plastic box containing marijuana that she’d thrown into a nearby garbage can.

The toddler was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. There was no word on his condition.


Shelby Fleming (the dead woman) on Myspace

Shelby Fleming Obituary

Kentucky Dad Busted After 9-Month-Old Tests Positive for Cocaine

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Glenn Hill


Louisville, Kentucky

A 9-month-old was taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital after the child started acting strangely. Hours later, police arrested the infant’s father, 44-year-old Glenn Hill.

According to police, the infant’s mother called 911 Tuesday morning, after discovering the child behaving strangely. At this point, investigators aren’t saying whether the child is a boy or girl. What they are saying, however, is that the child’s father allegedly passed out on the couch. Hill claims he was awakened by the child, a short time later, and noticed the 9-month-old was “acting funny.”

After arriving at the hospital, police say the child tested positive for cocaine.

Hill was arrested and charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and endangering the welfare of a minor, according to an arrest report.


Driving While Taking Upskirt Pictures Parks East Texas Pair in Jail

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Angelina County, Texas

Way down in East Texas, Angelina County sheriff Kent Henson had an unusually busy day recently. On May 17, he happened to be making a meth lab bust. In the middle of that particular pesky situation, his radio indicated a burglary was in progress nearby. Naturally, he left the meth lab in the hands of fellow officers and launched into burglar-catchin’ mode.

While speeding in the direction of the alleged burglary, he spotted a Chevy truck driven by 45-year-old James Parrott of Huntington, a guy Henson knew to have a warrant. In the seat next to Parrott, or “shotgun” as they say around those parts, was 31-year-old April Nicole Peeples of Channelview.

James Parrot

April Peeples

The sheriff pulled in behind Parrott and noticed that the truck was swerving all over the highway. Benson pulled the truck over without incident and then noticed that Peeples’s pants were pulled down. Benson also noticed a camera phone close at hand, leading him to the conclusion that Parrott had been snapping pics of Peeples’s privates.

“I don’t know if that was why he was swerving, but I did see him leaning over into the passenger seat really weird,” the lawman told KTRE.

Parrott was taken to jail for the warrants, and cops also discovered weed and the components of a mobile meth lab in the car.

This week, Parrott was re-arrested on a felony charge of possession of transport chemicals with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.


Sharlee Morton – Jailed After Son Used Her Vagina To Support Drug Business Inside Prison

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Sharlee Morton

Ione, California

It has been a few days since we had a nice vagina purse story, but thanks to Sharlee Morton, our wait is over for now. The 41-year-old California woman was jailed after she allegedly smuggled marijuana to her incarcerated son by hiding the drugs in her vagina.

According to police, investigators discovered late last month that Morton had been smuggling marijuana into jail for a period of about one year.

Investigators say Morton folded the drug into paper bindles, which were then stored inside her vagina. Once safely “secured,” her son then sold the drug to other inmates inside the prison.

Morton’s son, 20-year-old Gregory Wright, is a former Las Plumas High School student who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for holding his classmates hostage with a gun. He also conspired to kill a romantic rival.

Police had a warrant to perform a body cavity search, prior to Morton’s last visit to prison. Deputies confiscated 18 bindles of marijuana – all of which were hidden inside her vagina. A search of her vehicle also netted detectives methamphetamine and hydrocodone.

A large marijuana growing operation was also uncovered recently on a property owned by Morton.

When investigators questioned Wright about his marijuana sales, he told deputies that he made more in one month from inside prison than the deputies would make in two paychecks. He also told them that his mother had transported the drug into prison the same way for the past 11 months.

Morton was arraigned Tuesday – however a summary of the charges have yet to be published. The arrest did, however, violate her probation – which stemmed from a felony DUI charge. Both Morton and Wright are expected to be in court for drug smuggling charges on June 13th.


Babysitter Busted For Pot-Laced Margarine

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New Kensington, Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania woman will stand trial on charges she fed marijuana-laced margarine to a 12-year-old girl she was baby-sitting, as well as two other children at her home.

The 12-year-old’s mother called Upper Burrell Township police after discovering the drugs in a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in 22-year-old Stevie Hickey’s freezer. The woman tells police Hickey spread the substance on two pieces of toast that Hickey gave to the girl.

Police say Hickey told the girl it was “parsley butter” but later acknowledged to police that it was marijuana.

The Valley News Dispatch in Tarentum reports Hickey remains free after waiving her right to a preliminary hearing on marijuana possession and child endangerment charges May 10.


Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Jailed: Likes His Tacos With More Kick!

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A Texas police officer has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 6-years in prison for attempting to give a prisoner a cache of heroin concealed in a delivery of tacos.

Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Falcon

The investigation into Robert Falcon, 48, of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department ended with a sting operation that found him in possession of a heroin-substitute he believed to be the actual drug.

Officers were tipped off to Falcon’s activities last June, after discovering a note in a prisoner’s cell that outlined a plan to smuggle heroin into the correctional facility. Falcon’s address was reportedly on the note.

Officers dropped off a cache of fake drugs, money and taco ingredients at Falcon’s house, then observed as he took the fake heroin to the jail, wrapped up inside the food.


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