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Police: Florida Teenager kills Parents, Then Throws a Party

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Tyler Hadley

West Palm Beach, Florida

A 17-year-old boy is accused of killing his parents with a hammer. As if that isn’t enough, he followed by inviting dozens of friends for a party while their bodies lay in the bedroom.

Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie is facing twin counts of first-degree murder in the deaths, which authorities say happened Saturday. He is being held without bond at a juvenile detention center in Fort Pierce and it’s not immediately known whether he has an attorney.

The boy’s parents, Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, were believed to have been struck with the hammer in their heads and torsos sometime after their son posted on Facebook around 1:15 p.m. Saturday alerting friends to an evening party at his house, about 50 miles north of West Palm Beach.

According to investigators, the parents were attacked outside their master bedroom and the bodies were moved into the bedroom and the door locked.

Later that night, as many as 60 people attended Hadley’s party, according to Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols. They were loud enough to prompt a noise complaint and a visit by police officers. When they arrived at 1:30 a.m. Sunday to warn about the noise, the party was already breaking up, Nichols said.

At some time during the festivities, or shortly thereafter, police received a tip that a murder may have taken place. This tip led them back to the home around 4:20 a.m. and discovered the bodies covered with towels, files, books and other household items. The hammer was found between them.

The 47-year-old mother was an elementary school teacher. The father, 54, worked for Florida Power and Light. Authorities are still waiting on final autopsy results, but believe the parents died of blunt-force trauma.

As for the teen, he had attended St. Lucie West Centennial High School, according to police, but had not graduated. They said they did not know what the motive was. All we do know is he is in a world of shit.

Tyler Hadley Facebook


Pennsylvania Couple Solve Their Child Problem With Cinder Block

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Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

At times, I think a lot of people wish they just didn’t have any kids. Of course, this is usually just a floating thought during a moment of stress. For one couple, however, they had a different plan in mind. Christopher Fitzpatrick and his girlfriend, Jennifer Barrise, were already parents to one child. The idea of having another was something they just couldn’t be happy about. You see, Barrise gave birth to the couple’s second child in a car back in May. During the birth of his daughter, Fitzpatrick hinted to what would come next.

“Have this (expletive) baby,” Mr. Fitzpatrick allegedly told Barrise. “I just want to get rid of it. I gotta do what I gotta do.” The girl’s mother
asked if was going to kill the baby on two occasions, but Fitzpatrick remained silent both times.

The floor board of the car was ultimately the birthplace of the little girl and, according to the affidavit, neither of the two touched her as she lay
there crying. Fitzpatrick dropped off his girlfriend and then drove the baby to M n D Lawn Care where he worked. He admitted that he placed her on the ground and crushed her skull with a cinder block. He says he dropped the cinder block on her head two times. After burying her body, he placed the cinder block on top of the grave and returned home.

Barrise’s family learned of the birth the following day. Upon questioning Fitzpatrick as to the location of the baby, he said that he had dropped the infant off at a hospital. Barrise’s parents attempted to locate the baby, but came up empty-handed. When they questioned him again, he admitted to burying the infant in the woods because the couple couldn’t afford another baby.

Police were notified and they began a search of the landscaping company. Fitzpatrick eventually arrived on the scene and showed officers where his daughter was buried. He also admitted to killing her. Fitzpatrick and Barrise have both been charged with homicide and are being held without bail.

I am not sure where the couple’s one-year-old child is, who was born on the kitchen floor. However, Barrise has five other children who are living with relatives. I guess this makes a six pack for them. As for Fitzpatrick and Barrise, something tells me they will be seeing a lot more of these soon.

Woman Charged in Fatal Stabbing at Elderly Care Facility

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Wonder Arceneaux Sam

Houston, Texas

This story originally broke out earlier this month, but until yesterday, police had not located the suspect. With the help of a Crime Stoppers tip, Wonder Arceneaux Sam was arrested yesterday and charged in the fatal stabbing of a man at an elderly facility in north Houston.

The victim, 66-year-old Willie Hightower, was found dead at the Woodland Christian Towers on the morning of May 7. One of his friends went to check on him after not hearing from the man. She found Hightower unresponsive on the floor and saw blood. The woman called 911 and responding paramedics pronounced Hightower dead. Homicide investigators were called to the scene, as there were signs of a struggle.

The following investigation led police to information that an unidentified black female visited Hightower the night he was killed. Homicide investigators released surveillance photos of the female, attempting to identify and locate her for questioning in this case.

A Crime Stoppers tip helped identify Sam, 48, who police learned had unrelated warrants. She was arrested on May 30. During questioning, police say Sam confessed to her role in Hightower’s death. She stated she met Hightower while she was visiting another resident at the elderly living facility on May 7.

Sam has been charged with murder in the 183rd State District Court. She is being held on $50,000 bond and is due in court on Wednesday.


Pennsylvania Man Kills, Updates Facebook Status, Goes Back To Bed

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Keith Wolfrey

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Ah, the wonderful world of social media, where we can constantly remind others about our deepest thoughts and feelings. 20-year-old Joie Lordi kept her Facebook page updated regularly, usually sweet in nature. She also posted photos of her   infant son she had with fiancée, Keith Wolfrey.  Their relationship rotated between hot and cold, which could explain the delay in marriage.

Lately, though, her Facebook postings started to reflect a decline in spirit.

“My heart’s about to break for the final time,” she wrote in May, only to follow it up the next day with: “Top two things I hate today 1. Men 2. Men who lie.”

Joie Lordi

Not to be outdone her beau, 23-year-old Keith Wolfrey, also enjoyed Facebook time. However, his postings always tended to consistently show a much darker view. One day, Lordi decided to change her online relationship status from “engaged” to “single.” After catching her drift, Wolfrey immediately headed for Facebook and wrote,

“Fool! You have jusy [sic] ensured the doom of this world. You cannot even begin to imagine what you set in motion this day.” And then came the next line, “If you are in love you are better off dead.”

Last weekend with the couple’s courtship headed south, Wolfrey decided to remove himself out of the home they shared in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. With his bags packed and heading for the door, an argument broke out between the two over a house key. With the infant asleep in his bedroom, the fight turned violent. According to Wolfrey, which he later told police, was that he remembered wrapping his hands around Lordi’s neck before he blacked out.

According to police, Wolfrey strangled Lordi to death sometime between 10:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. Sunday. In an ironic twist, Sunday would be the six-month anniversary of their little boy’s birth.

Around 4:30 a.m., Wolfrey says he rose from the bed, walked into the kitchen and discovered Lordi’s lifeless body. However, he had a better idea than calling 911. He grabbed a roll of duct tape, wrapped his ex-fiancee’s face, went to the computer to update his Facebook page, writing “anyone alive,” and then headed back to bed.

Wolfrey did finally call police – later that morning, after the baby woke him up. When police arrived, he was taken into custody for questioning. He told police he still didn’t know what happened to Lordi because he went unconscious in the heat of their argument.

An autopsy on Lordi’s body concluded she was murdered — death by strangulation.

Wolfrey was arraigned late Sunday. He’s been charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. He’s currently in being held without bond with his preliminary hearing slated for June 1.


Keith Wolfrey Facebook

Family remembers Joie Lordi

Wolfrey's Facebook Page

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