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Tennessee Man Arrested For Having Sex With German Shepherd

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Kimberly Lawson Likes Bestiality

Memphis, Tennessee

Now that I have finished throwing up in my mouth just a little bit, on with the story.

Authorities in Tennessee recently charged 40-year-old Kimberly Lawson with a criminal offense against an animal after he was allegedly caught having sex with a dog.

A south Memphis resident contacted police and reported witnessing some peculiar activity involving his neighbor’s dog.

According to the police report, the man said that he observed Lawson feed Adam (a German Shepherd) from a plate before he saw “Lawson pull his pants down, get on his knees and allow the dog to mount him and have sex.”

According to the witness, the dog mounted Lawson three times within one hour.

After recovering from the shocking sight, probably throwing up in his mouth a little bit too, the witness called another neighbor and asked him to look out his rear window to see if he could get a view of Lawson in action.

“He … observed suspect Kimberly Lawson engaged in sexual intercourse with Adam, the dog,” reads the police report. “[The second witness] said he observed the dog mounted on top of suspect Kimberly Lawson from a behind position having sex.”

The two men eventually confronted Lawson and detained him until police could arrive on the scene.

The dog’s owner, Caroline Morris, told police she had suspected that something was wrong with her dog because, for the past two weeks, he had “been behaving oddly and has had [a lot of] energy.”

“I had to tell Adam he didn’t do anything wrong. The man did something wrong,” Morris told WHBQ News.


Iowa Minister Jonathan Offt Arrested Trying To Pay For Sex

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Marion, Iowa

Like most men, Jonathan Offt was looking for a little sex. In his case, however, a few problems exist. First, he is a married father of three. Second, he was willing to pay for sex.  Oh, and there is that little fact of him serving as senior pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Cedar Rapids.

Offt, 41, was one of nine men nabbed in a recent prostitution sting by Marion Police. Like the others, Offt responded to an Internet ad placed by police. Once on the scene and after offering an undercover officer money in exchange for a sexual act, Offt and the other men were arrested.

Since his arrest, Offt has remained tight-lipped. However, on the website for Trinity Lutheran Church and School, business director Pat Ehler posted the following:

“Trinity Lutheran Church and School is saddened by the most recent news story regarding Jonathan Offt. The proper authorities are handling the situation. The church and school request your prayers for all involved. We have no further comments at this time.”

Delaware Pediatrician Earl Bradley Gets Life for Sexually Abusing Patients

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Pedophile Earl Bradley

Georgetown, Delaware

There is finally a conclusion to a story we have been watching for awhile, involving former Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley, who was accused of sexually abusing scores of young patients. Bradley will spend the rest of his life in prison for committing horrific acts of sexual abuse against his young  patients over more than a decade, a judge ruled Friday.

Bradley, 58, showed no emotion as Judge William Carpenter Jr. sentenced him to 14 life sentences without parole for 14 counts of first-degree rape. Bradley also was sentenced to more than 160 years in prison for multiple counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

Under state law, a life sentence is mandatory for a person convicted of rape against three or more separate victims.

“You will never be in a position to harm a child again,” Carpenter told Bradley, saying the serial pedophile had violated the trust of his patients and their families, the morals of the southern Delaware community of Lewes, and his oath as a medical professional to do no harm to his patients.

“You have severely violated that trust, and you have shamed your profession,” Carpenter told Bradley.

Bradley also videotaped the molestations, according to prosecutors, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection.

Bradley has been investigated on two earlier occasions, but had escaped prosecution. His luck ran out in December of 2009, after a 2-year-old girl complained to her mother after an office visit that the doctor had hurt her. The child had made a similar complaint to her father after an earlier visit.

When police finally arrested Bradley and searched his Lewes office complex, decorated with Disney themes and miniature amusement park rides, they seized dozens of homemade videos from an outbuilding where Bradley had lured patients with promises of treats and toys.

At a one-day bench trial in June, prosecutors presented testimony from two police investigators and gave Carpenter more than 13 hours of videos showing sex crimes against more than 80 victims, most of whom were toddlers.

In his testimony, state police detective Scott Garland described the rapes caught on video as brutal and violent. He explained how some videos showed Bradley with his hands wrapped tightly around the heads of young children, violently forcing them to perform oral sex on him. When Bradley was finished with such assaults, he would lift up the young victims by the head and throw them several feet onto a couch in the rear of the building where investigators found the damning videos, Garland testified. Bradley sometimes would perform “rescue breathing” and chest rubs to revive the semiconscious victims, the detective added.

Peter Bower Believes No Animal’s Behind Left: Accused of Doggy-Style Sex Literally

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Peter Bower

Shelby, Ohio

I had to double-check and make sure I wasn’t reading a news story from West Virginia, but nope, Ohio it is.

I am speaking of course of a case involving 31-year-old Peter Bower. Police have charged him with animal cruelty for allegedly having sex with a dog he adopted recently.

It all started with an anonymous tip, according to authorities. “The tip was allegations about bestiality, sexual conduct with an animal,” said Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan. The tipster even provided links to websites relating to bestiality, where cops reportedly found evidence, including photos, of Bower having sex with multiple animals. The sexual escapades allegedly involved at least three dogs and possibly a horse (or maybe that was simply a pro basketball player).

Investigators moved on with a search warrant at Bower’s apartment and seized his computer. On the computer investigators reportedly found pictures and stories of his sexual rendezvous with his cherished animals. They also found a bestiality book, “Dearest Pet,” and a plastic blow-up sheep.

Bower’s neighbors were a little freaked out by all this, especially since he ran a pet-sitting service. One neighbor recalls Bower offering to walk his dog for free, once learning the man couldn’t afford his services.

Now Bower had a steady live-in companion, Tara, a 3-year-old shepherd mix dog. Investigators went ahead and seized her to, as a veterinarian confirmed the dog suffered vaginal bruising. Tara is now recovering at the local shelter now.

Bower faces two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Investigators said that they would like to charge Bower with more serious offenses but Ohio has no laws regarding bestiality. Bower posted bond within 24 hours of his arrest. He has pleaded innocent to charges will face a pre-trial hearing at the end of July.

Colorado Cop Jose Sanchez Found Guilty for “Sexting” Teen

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Jose Sanchez

Hot Sulpher Springs, Colorado

A police officer from Granby, 36-year-old Jose Sanchez, a police officer from Granby has been found guilty on four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. The charges stem from a “sexting” relationship he began with a 16-year-old Middle Park High School student.

During the four-day trial, jurors heard evidence that Sanchez met the victim in the fall of 2010 when he responded to a police call regarding a matter at her school. From that encounter, Sanchez had legitimately acquired the teen’s cell phone number.

But over the course of the following two months, according to prosecutors, a flirtatious texting relationship evolved into sending sexually explicit photos of each other and provocative text messages.

Through a court order to acquire phone records, the Granby Police Department found that as many as 8,600 texts were exchanged between Sanchez and the teen during a period of about 56 days. 

Of the many text messages, two included photos of the teen’s breasts. The prosecution was also able to prove the police officer sent the teen at least two photos of his genitals.

Authorities were made aware of these photos and others through testimony from both the defendant and victim during police and Colorado Bureau of Investigation interviews that led to Sanchez’ arrest on Dec. 15, 2010.

That same day, Sanchez was fired from the Granby Police force for “violating police department policies.”

Granby Police first learned of Sanchez’s affair on Dec. 7 from an anonymous tip.

The guilty verdict includes two charges of Class 3 felonies that Sanchez knowingly caused the victim to send the naked photos of herself, a potential sentence of four to 12 years incarceration on each count, and two counts of Class 6 felonies for possessing the photos, each of which carries a sentence of one year to 18 months.


Kyle Pearce Gives New Meaning To Snakes On A Plane

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Where the hell is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

Kyle Pearce

Denver, Colorado

Luckily, in his absence, FBI agents were on-hand to take 25-year-old Kyle Pearce into custody. The Florida man was arrested at Denver International Airport just as soon as his flight from Spokane made land.

The charges result from complaints by fellow passengers about him openly masturbating – and ejaculating – while seated during the flight.

An 18-year-old woman, seated in a row across from “the wanker,” told authorities:

“I heard a noise and looked over and saw his penis,” she stated in the criminal complaint. “He ejaculated and got some on the seat. Then he went to the bathroom for a long time.”

According to the criminal complaint, two male passengers sitting behind Pearce also witnessed the event. In the affidavit, one of the men recalled his friend turning to him to say “That man is masturbating.” One of those witnesses reportedly hit Pearce in the arm with a book, causing the man to cease and desist with the “snake charming.”

Pearce was charged with making an “obscene and indecent exposure of his person” on an aircraft. He faces a maximum of 90 days in prison or a year of supervised release if convicted. He can also be fined up to $5,000.


Texas Pastor Arrested for W. Virginia Sexual Assault, Commits Suicide in Jail

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Pastor Matthew Jarrell

Charleston, West Virginia

Matthew Jarrell, the Terrell father and pastor of the Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite who was arrested Thursday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in West Virginia, was found dead in jail late Saturday night.

According to officials at the South Central Regional Jail and West Virginia State Police, jail officials found him May 21, between 11 and 11:30 pm, after he had apparently tried to hang himself. He was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead early Sunday morning The minister had been separated from the jail population and held in protective custody.

Jarrell, 41, was married with four children. Family members had told law enforcement officials Thursday that he was supposed to be in Pennsylvania.

A Huntington news source reports that Jarrell was part of the Randy Taylor Revival ministries. He came from one of two “sending churches” for Siegfred de Guzman Evangelistic Ministries, which partnered with churches in the Philippines to spread the gospel.  He had been a featured speaker at the national God Save America Revival Conference in Boyne City, MI, November 8-11, 2010.

The church he pastored had a significant Spanish ministry and, based on a Facebook posting, is filled every Sunday.

Two individuals had posted favorable experiences online about the church, which also operates Mesquite Baptist Academy.

“Open Door has been such a blessing to my family,” said the first. “They are truly a family centered church. Pastor Jarrell is an up and coming Preacher. He preaches God’s word with no apologies. I am honored to be part of such a God centered Church where they go out to reach people that need Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Another church-goer wrote, “They open their doors to other churches in need … which they have proven in their response to Hurricane Katrina.”

Following their discovery of Jarrell’s death, the church posted the following on its website:

“Thank you for visiting and we covet your prayers during this difficult time. We will update this site as more information is available. However, during this time, we will continue to serve the Lord as we have for the past 46 years.  Hope to see you Sunday, The Entire Church Membership.”

Prior to Dr. Jarrell’s death , associate pastor Rik Parcell told WFAA-TV, “Let the courts prosecute him. We love him; we want to help in every way. We want to help the family in every way, but we are not sweeping anything under the carpet.”

Kanawha County Deputy Sheriff Sean Crosier told the Texas station that Dr. Jarrell had been scheduled to go to trial last month on an indictment for an alleged sexual assault in San Antonio that occurred in 2007.

Open Door Baptist Church


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