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Tennessee Man Arrested For Having Sex With German Shepherd

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Kimberly Lawson Likes Bestiality

Memphis, Tennessee

Now that I have finished throwing up in my mouth just a little bit, on with the story.

Authorities in Tennessee recently charged 40-year-old Kimberly Lawson with a criminal offense against an animal after he was allegedly caught having sex with a dog.

A south Memphis resident contacted police and reported witnessing some peculiar activity involving his neighbor’s dog.

According to the police report, the man said that he observed Lawson feed Adam (a German Shepherd) from a plate before he saw “Lawson pull his pants down, get on his knees and allow the dog to mount him and have sex.”

According to the witness, the dog mounted Lawson three times within one hour.

After recovering from the shocking sight, probably throwing up in his mouth a little bit too, the witness called another neighbor and asked him to look out his rear window to see if he could get a view of Lawson in action.

“He … observed suspect Kimberly Lawson engaged in sexual intercourse with Adam, the dog,” reads the police report. “[The second witness] said he observed the dog mounted on top of suspect Kimberly Lawson from a behind position having sex.”

The two men eventually confronted Lawson and detained him until police could arrive on the scene.

The dog’s owner, Caroline Morris, told police she had suspected that something was wrong with her dog because, for the past two weeks, he had “been behaving oddly and has had [a lot of] energy.”

“I had to tell Adam he didn’t do anything wrong. The man did something wrong,” Morris told WHBQ News.


Peter Bower Believes No Animal’s Behind Left: Accused of Doggy-Style Sex Literally

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Peter Bower

Shelby, Ohio

I had to double-check and make sure I wasn’t reading a news story from West Virginia, but nope, Ohio it is.

I am speaking of course of a case involving 31-year-old Peter Bower. Police have charged him with animal cruelty for allegedly having sex with a dog he adopted recently.

It all started with an anonymous tip, according to authorities. “The tip was allegations about bestiality, sexual conduct with an animal,” said Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan. The tipster even provided links to websites relating to bestiality, where cops reportedly found evidence, including photos, of Bower having sex with multiple animals. The sexual escapades allegedly involved at least three dogs and possibly a horse (or maybe that was simply a pro basketball player).

Investigators moved on with a search warrant at Bower’s apartment and seized his computer. On the computer investigators reportedly found pictures and stories of his sexual rendezvous with his cherished animals. They also found a bestiality book, “Dearest Pet,” and a plastic blow-up sheep.

Bower’s neighbors were a little freaked out by all this, especially since he ran a pet-sitting service. One neighbor recalls Bower offering to walk his dog for free, once learning the man couldn’t afford his services.

Now Bower had a steady live-in companion, Tara, a 3-year-old shepherd mix dog. Investigators went ahead and seized her to, as a veterinarian confirmed the dog suffered vaginal bruising. Tara is now recovering at the local shelter now.

Bower faces two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Investigators said that they would like to charge Bower with more serious offenses but Ohio has no laws regarding bestiality. Bower posted bond within 24 hours of his arrest. He has pleaded innocent to charges will face a pre-trial hearing at the end of July.

Mark Thompson Kidnaps, Rapes, Kills Pygmy Goat

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Mark Thompson

Charleston, West Virginia

What do you get when you combine a pygmy goat, West Virginia and a sexually frustrated meth head? Well, I am not really sure, but chances are, Mark Thomson will not be too far away. It seems Mr. Thompson has found himself in a bit of a legal predicament.  The 19-year-old from South Charleston is accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering a young pygmy goat. Think it doesn’t get any better? He did it all, according to authorities, while wearing women’s panties.

 “This case is extremely bizarre,” said Lt. Sean Crosier, of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office.”It is unlawful to mistreat an animal in a cruel manner, and I certainly think it is very cruel for a human to have sexual relations of any kind with an animal.”

A woman named Lisa Powers told investigators that at around 3:15 a.m. Monday, her nephew received a phone call from a concerned neighbor to report spotting her goat inside Mark Thompson’s house. The female goat, named Bailey, was a gift Powers had purchased for her 4-year-old grandson.

Powers’ nephew and two friends then paid a visit to Thompson’s house. Unable to locate the goat inside the home, they knocked on his bedroom door.

“He told them, ‘Don’t come in, I’m naked,'” Powers told the Gazette. “But they opened the door and he was standing there with his pants down … and there was blood everywhere.”

Thompson allegedly ran out of the house and into a nearby wooded area.

When police arrived, they were startled by the bloody crime scene they found, Lt. Crosier said. According to the criminal complaint, Bailey was lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor. The small animal, clad in only a pink collar, had blood oozing from a wound to her neck. A pornographic magazine photo lay nearby.

According to Lt. Crosier, Thompson allegedly “performed some sexual acts on the goat” prior to killing the animal.

While authorities investigated the crime scene, Thompson, who was “half naked, wearing female panties and a bra,” came out of the woods and turned himself into police, Crosier added.

Thompson allegedly told police he was high on a dangerous new recreational drug intentionally mislabeled as “bath salts,” which reportedly has effects similar to methamphetamine and cocaine.

He’s been charged with one count of animal cruelty. Additional charges may be forthcoming, pending the results of a necropsy that is being conducted by a local veterinarian.

And before you say “that Damn West Virginia,” Lt. Crosier wants to make one thing clear about bestiality.

“The crime of bestiality occurs everywhere and not just in his state. Many people might think that it is common to West Virginia,” the lieutenant said, “[But] it is common to every state in the Union.”

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