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Michael Robert Wyatt Really Likes Feet

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Michael Robert Wyatt

Little Rock, Arkansas

I am a little late on this one, but it’s just too damned bizarre not to include.

First off, for you foot people, I am all for staying out of your business. And true, a little foot fetish usually presents no harm. However with all things, fetishes included, there is a line.

For Michael Robert Wyatt, it is a line he can’t seem to stay within spittin’ distance of. You see, 50-year-old Wyatt really likes the taste of toes. So much so, that police got involved after an 83-year-old woman reported that she had received a toe cleaning from Wyatt.

Conway resident Ruth Harris says she was sitting in a chair in front of her apartment on a Saturday. That’s when she says Wyatt approached her, removed her shoe and began sucking her toe.

According to a police report, “The man then asked if he could kiss her and she had told him no and told him he was crazy,” the report stated.

The man left quickly after people walked into the apartment complex’s courtyard. What would an 83-year-old set of toes look like?

Another woman came forward, reporting that she was approached by Wyatt in a mall. According to the victim, Wyatt complimented her on her feet, regarding her “long and succulent” toes. He then proceeded to ask if he could suck on them.

The love of feet has not come as an overnight awakening for Wyatt. It actually began back in the 1990’s, when he pretended to be a podiatrist in order to fondle and suck a woman’s toes and feet.  That stunt landed him behind bars. He was arrested again, after telling a store clerk that he would like to cut off her feet and suck on her toes while she bled to death. That landed him in jail again and helped in his branding as the “Toe-Sucking Fairy.

Wyatt has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor harassment.



Father and Daughter Sexually Involved Appear on Steve Wilkos Show

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Father and Daughter Exchange French Kiss

“Young lady, just wait ’til your father gets home.”

Wow, a story too disturbing even for Jerry Springer to touch? The show rejected an 18-year-old girl who was having a sexual relationship with her father, but Steve Wilkos arrived with open arms.

Recently the show aired a two-part story about a father (Morgan) and his biological daughter (Britney), who reconnected through Myspace when she was 16 and started to have a relationship.

Britney’s Explanation:

“I was 16 when I looked for him on Myspace. My family members had kept us apart and I hadn’t seen him since I was seven so I looked him up.’On my page I had pictures of my boobs and bum on there and when he saw it he said, “My little baby girl should not be doing that”. But then he put a smiley face.

When I saw that I thought he had sexual feelings for me.”

Morgan’s Explanation:

“I’m not preying on her, yes I’m sleeping with her but it’s not like I’m abusing her or something.

I do not see a problem with what I am doing.  When I look at her, all I can see is my soul mate.”


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