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Boy Confesses To Sex With The Corpse Of Suicide Victim

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Cheongju, South Korea

A 16-year-old boy in South Korea has been arrested for necrophilia after admitting to partaking in sexual activity with the corpse of an elderly woman who police suspected had just committed suicide.

Security camera footage captured a 68-year-old woman carrying a plastic chair into the elevator. Police believe that the woman was headed for the roof.

The 16-year-old reported to police that he found the dead woman’s body in the garden of her apartment complex early in the morning.  As police were investigating the scene, they reportedly found ‘suspicious traces’ on her corpse.  Those suspicious traces, combined with contradictory statements by the boy, lead to a formal interrogation.

Under questioning, the boy admitted to having sex with the woman’s corpse before contacting police. When asked why, the 16-year-old high-school student told police that he wanted to see “what would happen.”


Why You Should Always Check Under Hotel Beds

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Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are in a hotel tonight, or will be at some point….check under the damn bed!

People think I am strange, because whenever I visit a hotel – no matter how “exclusive” it may be, I always check the beds. First..for bed bugs, second..for bodies.

There was a story similar to this one awhile back. Anywho, Salt Lake City Police were called out to a motel when a corpse was discovered inside a mattress.

The body, according to police, appeared to be that of a woman tucked in the box spring. What has them puzzled, is the location – inside of a wooden bed frame with a mattress on top.

Officers say it was a guest who originally discovered the body just before midnight. Sophia Salas says that when she entered “room number 12,” she noticed an awful smell. She also says the body inside was that of a woman, about five feet, five inches tall and she may have had orange hair.

Police suspect the body was there for a couple of days or longer. No other details have been released. Sweet dreams!


Mother Leaves Toddler Alone In A Hot Car With a Corpse

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Jessica Ockman

New Orleans, Louisiana

I was wondering when a good corpse story was going to present itself and today, I am happy to say, I found it.

This one involves a corpse, a toddler, a car and a mother. First the mother, 33-year-old Jessica Ockman is the one who ended up behind bars. Police say she left her 20-month-old son in a parked vehicle along with the corpse of a dead friend for more than an hour at a Metairie gas station. Ockman now faces charges involving child desertion and drugs.

On Friday morning, gas station employees found Ockman unconscious in the restroom. When police arrived, they discovered Ockman’s car parked at one of the fuel pumps. Inside the vehicle, was the body of 22-year-old Shelby Fleming.

Fleming was pronounced dead at the scene. Her cause of death is unclassified pending the outcome of toxicology tests.

Ockman is not being charged in connection with Fleming’s death, which investigators have said was not the result of a criminal act. Ockman as it seems, is no stranger to jail. Her Myspace page contains a set of photos labeled “post. Jail.”

Deputies found Ockman unresponsive on the restroom floor along with a lighter and a spoon. They also recovered a white plastic box containing marijuana that she’d thrown into a nearby garbage can.

The toddler was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. There was no word on his condition.


Shelby Fleming (the dead woman) on Myspace

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