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S.C. Christian School Asst. Principal Louis ReVille Arrested for Sexually Abusing Children

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I have always wondered what Christian Preparatory Schools really prepare children for. Well, in South Carolina, Asst. Principal Louis ReVille has found himself behind bars for the kind of preparation he was administering to children.

Louis ReVille

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

A coach in Mount Pleasant has been arrested and charged with sexually molesting teens.

According to police, Thirty-two-year-old Louis Neal ReVille has been molesting children and now faces three counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and three counts of lewd acts on a minor.

ReVille has worked as assistant upper school principal at Coastal Christian Preparatory School. He also has been tennis coach at Bishop England High School.

According to court documents, ReVille is accused of inappropriately touching and performing sex acts on three teen males.

He is being held in the Charleston County jail. As of this moment, there are no other details available.


Delaware Pediatrician Earl Bradley Gets Life for Sexually Abusing Patients

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Pedophile Earl Bradley

Georgetown, Delaware

There is finally a conclusion to a story we have been watching for awhile, involving former Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley, who was accused of sexually abusing scores of young patients. Bradley will spend the rest of his life in prison for committing horrific acts of sexual abuse against his young  patients over more than a decade, a judge ruled Friday.

Bradley, 58, showed no emotion as Judge William Carpenter Jr. sentenced him to 14 life sentences without parole for 14 counts of first-degree rape. Bradley also was sentenced to more than 160 years in prison for multiple counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

Under state law, a life sentence is mandatory for a person convicted of rape against three or more separate victims.

“You will never be in a position to harm a child again,” Carpenter told Bradley, saying the serial pedophile had violated the trust of his patients and their families, the morals of the southern Delaware community of Lewes, and his oath as a medical professional to do no harm to his patients.

“You have severely violated that trust, and you have shamed your profession,” Carpenter told Bradley.

Bradley also videotaped the molestations, according to prosecutors, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection.

Bradley has been investigated on two earlier occasions, but had escaped prosecution. His luck ran out in December of 2009, after a 2-year-old girl complained to her mother after an office visit that the doctor had hurt her. The child had made a similar complaint to her father after an earlier visit.

When police finally arrested Bradley and searched his Lewes office complex, decorated with Disney themes and miniature amusement park rides, they seized dozens of homemade videos from an outbuilding where Bradley had lured patients with promises of treats and toys.

At a one-day bench trial in June, prosecutors presented testimony from two police investigators and gave Carpenter more than 13 hours of videos showing sex crimes against more than 80 victims, most of whom were toddlers.

In his testimony, state police detective Scott Garland described the rapes caught on video as brutal and violent. He explained how some videos showed Bradley with his hands wrapped tightly around the heads of young children, violently forcing them to perform oral sex on him. When Bradley was finished with such assaults, he would lift up the young victims by the head and throw them several feet onto a couch in the rear of the building where investigators found the damning videos, Garland testified. Bradley sometimes would perform “rescue breathing” and chest rubs to revive the semiconscious victims, the detective added.

Pennsylvania Tattoo Artist Robert Meyerle May Be Child Molester Champion

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Walter MeyerleBristol Township, Pennsylvania

Ok, I’m a little late on this one, but simply had to add this sick bastard to the site. I found one of those stories involving a guy already in trouble, who has added a whole new heap of shit to his plate. Back in March, 34-year-old Walter Meyerle found himself on the wrong side of the law accused of giving a minor a tattoo in exchange for sex. Well, as it turns out, the sinister side is far worse than originally expected. In his latest endeavor, Meyerle is being accused of sexually assaulting 14 children and two adults in Bensalem and Bristol Township over the last 13 years. The DA’s office has since filed nearly 200 counts, including rape, against Meyerle.

Court documents paint an even uglier picture than his mug shot, documenting Meyerle’s alleged acts. This sicko’s victims include the children
of his friends and girlfriends who were in vulnerable situations while the parents were either drinking or spaced out on drugs. Some of the highlights include:

  • He liked to have sex with his girlfriends while their young children were in the same bed, asking the mothers to touch their kids sexually.
  • He sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl 10 times and made her watch pornographic movies.
  • A girl around four or five years old was molested 50 to 60 times.
  • When having sex with a 14-year-old girl, he asked her to call him “daddy.”
  • He told a 15-year-old girl she’d have a surprise in nine months after they had unprotected sex. The girl would end up getting an abortion.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “This is one of the largest child abuse cases I’ve seen by one individual,” said Jennifer Schorn, chief of the major crimes division for the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. Bucks DA David Heckler said if Meyerle is found guilty of all his charges, he’s looking at a sentence of 1,000 years.

A round of applause should go out to Bristol Township detective Greg Beidler, Bensalem detective Chris McMullin and prosecutors for putting a wall of bars around this guy.

Fred Harran, Bensalem’s public safety director adds, “It doesn’t get much lower than this guy. He shouldn’t be breathing,” he said.

Walter Meyerle Facebook – Owner Mirror Image Tattoo, Croydon, Pennsylvania

20-Month-Old Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery Following Alleged Rape

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Ryan Stephenson

Oak Harbor, Washington

A story out of Oak Harbor sickens even Mr. Sinister as I write. Ryan Stephenson was arrested over the Memorial Day weekend for allegedly raping a 20-month-old girl. You see, this scumbag was babysitting the girl. And yes, he is a scumbag. The girl was raped so severely, that she had to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair large tears and severe bleeding, according to court documents.

A doctor at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Harborview Medical Center, specializing in treating victims of sexual assault, called the case “the worst … trauma she has even seen in 20 years of practicing medicine,” the police report states.

Prosecutors have charged 26-year-old Stephenson with the first-degree rape of a child. The charge includes six aggravating circumstances which would allow a judge to sentence him beyond the standard range. As the investigation continues, there could be more charges on the way.

As for the girl’s mother, she told investigators that Stephenson is her ex-boyfriend. However, she allowed him to babysit the girl and a 5-year-old boy. I find it strange, because Stephenson had previously been convicted of harassment for sending oddly threatening messages to a man who happens to be the father of the victim. He was also convicted of violating a restraining order by contacting the victim’s mother, who is his ex-girlfriend. But then again, she allowed him to babysit. Go figure.

Stephenson admitted to investigators that he probably caused the injuries, but he denied raping her. He says the injuries occurred when he beat her. He said after losing his temper twice, he beat her with a closed fist on the bottom and between her legs.

Stephenson also suggested the injuries could have occurred when he bounced her on his knee or stretched her legs apart, the report states.

The child was transferred from Whidbey General to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment.

“The sexual assault doctor” for Harborview and Seattle Children’s Hospital described the child’s injuries as severe trauma and said ‘this injury comes from penetration not from being hit.’

If convicted of the charge, Stephenson could face an indeterminate sentence of up to life in prison with a minimum sentence of eight and a half years to 11 years and three months in prison. An indeterminate sentence means he would have to serve at least the minimum sentence, but then a special review board at the prison would decide whether to release him after that.

The aggravating circumstances or additional charges could increase the minimum sentence.

By the way, Stephenson refers to himself as Sparta, The Dark Lord. Here is an excerpt from his Myspace page.

“What the fuck can I say about me? Do you know what it’s like living day by day wondering why God has let you live as long as you have? You can live for nothing or you can die for something that is worth living for. If you have something or someone you want more than life, than go out there and get it. Don’t make my mistakes. One day it will all be over and you have to ask yourself if you did what you were ment to do or did you sit on you fucking ass and do nothing.” 

Texas Mom Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen

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Brandi Fuller

Pasadena, Texas

In a Texas town often called stinkadena (because of oil refineries), a 30-year-old mom has been arrested and charged with ‘aggravated sexual assault of a child’ after the teenage victim’s mother came forward to police.

Brandi Fuller, the MILF (NOT!), is also accused of carrying a child fathered by the teen.

According to the mother of the 14-year-old victim, Fuller and her son carried on carried on a sexual relationship for more than a year.

The teen told police the sexual relationship began October 2009 when he was 12 years old, with at least ten more encounters with

The two met after the boy visited his sister, who was a babysitter for Fuller’s children, at the woman’s home.

Police initially had trouble finding the suspect after the charges were filed, but it was announced Thursday morning that Fuller was
located and in custody. I am thinking that mugshot says stinkadena!


California Sex Offender Used Social Media Sites To Find Minors for Sex

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Shaun Harrison

Paso Robles, California

I had never heard of Paso Robles, but just the name sounds enchanting, right? Well, my enchantment took a nose dive when I heard about Shaun Harrison. Until last month, the 25-year-old Harrison was shacked-up in a local motel. That was until parole violations landed him back into more familiar surroundings, complete with doors made of bars. While “back at home” behind bars, police learned the registered sex offender had sex with or molested three teen girls he met online.

After an investigation that lasted six weeks, the Paso Robles Police Department announced Wednesday that it is asking the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against Shaun Harrison.

If the department has their way, Harrison’s resume will be updated with the following: Sexual intercourse with a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child and molesting a minor.

According to police, Harrison contacted girls as young as age 13 by using social media such as Facebook and MySpace. He also visited adults-only dating sites such as Zoosk and, police said. A forensic search of his computer files and cell phone records revealed the following list of usernames: Shaun Harrison, Shaun Robert and sk8erboy805.

Harrison was already a registered sex offender because of a conviction for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14, according to the state’s Megan’s Law database.


Rodney Tollefson Charged With Raping Relative For 15 Years, Using Screwdrivers And Bottles During Attacks

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Rodney Tollefson

Jackson County, Wisconsin

Rodney Tollefson, a 40-year-old Wisconsin man, has been jailed on charges that he sexually assaulted a female relative over a 15-year period. As if that isn’t bad enough, the plot thickens. Tollefson, according to authorities, sometimes used bottles and screwdrivers during his attacks.

An investigation was launched in mid-April, when a woman mentoring the victim told Sheboygan County deputies of the horrific ordeal her friend had lived through.

The victim agreed to tell her story to police, three days later, beginning an investigation stretching into four different counties where dozens of rapes allegedly took place.

“The law enforcement personnel that are involved with this case, no matter what their tenure is, believe this to be the most severe case any of them have ever seen,” said Dave Adams of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators indicate that the abuse started when the girl was only four years old. In the beginning, Tollefson began touching the girl sexually. When the girl turned eight, Tollefson allegedly began raping her – sometimes using bottles and screwdrivers to assault her with.

Tollefson allegedly threatened the girl with physical harm if she dared tell anyone about the abuse. He often tied her down and either beat or mutilated her body if she resisted the attacks.

Just last year, Tollefson – accompanied by his 22-year-old nephew, Phillip Ronning, allegedly drove the woman to a secluded location in Jackson County where the two men took turns beating and raping the girl.

Detectives in Manitowoc County say Tollefson raped the woman and forced her to perform sex acts on him last Christmas. He also allegedly raped the girl earlier that day after renting a room in Sheboygan.

Tollefson is now charged with 22 felony counts of sexual assault, a net result of dozens of instances of sexual abuse that occurred in Jackson and Manitowoc counties.

Sheboygan County, where the 19-year-old girl currently lives, is still investigating rape charges in it’s county, while authorities in Trempealeau County are investigating possible incidences of sexual abuse in theirs.

Tollefson is due to make his first court appearance in Jackson County on Friday. He will then be transferred to Manitowoc County where he is scheduled to appear on Monday.

On May 5th, Tollefson was arrested and booked into the Jackson County Jail where he continues to be held on a $500,000 cash bond.

If convicted of all 22 felonies, he faces up to 600 years in prison.


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