Pennsylvania Parents Arrested For Child Abuse: Locked Boy In Coffin

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Police in Pennsylvania have arrested the parents of a 7-year-old boy, who was forced to wear a diaper and locked in a coffin in the basement.

According to the Scranton Times-Tribune, neighbors heard the boy crying and called the police. When the police arrived, the boy was wearing a diaper and was bound with tape. “Are you here to help me?” he asked the  responding officer.

The boy told police that his mother and step father often locked him in the coffin or the basement as punishment. He said that they sometimes bound the coffin shut with duct tape and told him there were ghosts  living in the basement.

Lori Gardner, Brian Sleboda

The boy’s parents, Lori Gardner, 26, and stepfather Brian Sleboda, 31, were not around initially, but turned themselves in to police
eight days after the boy was found and four days after the charges were formally filed. The child had to be questioned before they were arrested.

Gardner admitted to duct taping her son’s arms and legs and locking him in the coffin, but told police they were only playing a game.

Police found the coffin and a bug-infested broken toilet in the basement. The only light source in the room was a “Camel Exotic Blends” lighting hanging over a bar.

The house has been condemned for “unsafe for human habitation.” Authorities say an inspection revealed the home had electrical issues, fire damage and was infested with bugs.

Gardner and Sleboda were ordered taken to Lackawanna County Prison on Tuesday in lieu of $60,000 bail each.


Funeral Director Arrested For Sexually Abusing Child

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Funeral Director Byron Griffy

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are very few details to go on, at the moment, but in keeping with the funeral director theme of the week: I proudly present Byron Griffy. At first glance, he looks like just a 75-year-old grandpa. According to police, however, this grandpa is a sexual predator of children.

Police took Griffy into custody and have charged him with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

Investigators say the alleged abuse occurred over the course of the last two years. Griffy’s bond was set at $10,000.


Ohio Funeral Director Matthew B. Humphrey Sentenced to 8 Years for Child Porn

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Ok, wtf is up with funeral directors making news this week? And I am not talking about obituaries. Here, another caretaker of the dead is in trouble over sinister activity.

Lorain County, Ohio

A Lorain County funeral director will spend more than eight years in prison for possession and distributing child pornography, federal law
enforcement officials announced.

Matthew B. Humphrey, 38, of Vermilion , was sentenced to 98 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver.

Humphrey, formerly of Dombrowski-Humphrey-Riddle Funeral Home, Lorain, was indicted in March on one count of receiving and distributing
child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography. He pleaded guilty in June.

According to an affidavit used by the FBI to obtain a search warrant for Humphrey’s Vermilion home and the funeral home in Lorain, an FBI
agent in San Francisco first made contact with the person later determined to be the 38-year-old Humphrey in February 2010 using a peer-to-peer computer program.

The peer-to-peer program allows users to download files from each other’s computers.

The San Francisco agent noted 3,286 images in the shared files on Humphrey’s computer and downloaded 198 images and two videos that
contained graphic content of infants, toddlers and other children engaged in sexual conduct.

The agent traced the computer back to the funeral home’s Internet connection, the affidavit said.

Later that month, another FBI agent from the agency’s Buffalo office, downloaded 68 images from the same user’s computer, all of
which contained child pornography, the affidavit said. The computer was again found to be connected to the Internet from the funeral home.

The San Francisco agent made contact with Humphrey, who was using a different username, again in March and discussed gaining access to his
shared files on an Internet chat.

Humphrey asked if the agent was “into kids?” and the agent replied “of course.” Humphrey then asked if he had “any pics to share?”
according to a transcript of the chat that was included in the affidavit.

After Humphrey allowed the agent access to his files, the agent downloaded 48 images of child pornography. The files were traced to
Humphrey’s house.

Mark Riddle, the funeral home’s owner, said no one there had any idea of what Humphrey was doing and as soon as they learned about the
allegations, they asked him to resign.

So, with all the funeral directors hitting the headlines, I decided to do a little research to try and determine the root of the problem. I mean, what the hell is it about the job that brings out such a dark side?

Ok, maybe I can start to understand.

Funny thing, a website dedicated to funeral directors featured an article trying to convince readers that funeral directors, in spite of stereotypes, really aren’t creepy. Ryan Thogmartin, the site’s owner wrote:

I am constantly amazed at how funeral directors are perceived by the public and in our communities. Of course, like most small business owners, funeral directors are held to a certain level of expectations, but for funeral directors that bar seems to stretch just a bit higher. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, but what bothers me is when people think of funeral directors with a creepiness factor.

He goes on with:

I know other professions have preconceived notions about funeral directors, but why are funeral directors automatically hit with the “creepy”
card and not the compassionate, and caring, card?

Dude, just pick up a freaking newspaper!


Wisconsin Funeral Director William Feerick Undertakes Felony Drug Charges

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William Feerick

What do you get when you combine a funeral home director, a 22-year-old man and a supply of heroin?

Well, for William Feerick, he’s now facing felony drug charges. The 52-year-old funeral director and co-owner of Feerick Funeral Home in Shorewood is facing up to three years in prison. According to authorities, they received a call to Feerick’s residence concerning a heroin overdose. Upon arrival, they not only found 22-year-old overdose victim Anthony Vitrano, but also a stash of pain killers, marijuana pipes, a vile with cocaine residue and other drugs.

Police have charged Feerick with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, and possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. The recovering Vitrano has also been charged with possession of heroin.

On the funeral home’s website, William Feerick says the following:

“Serving others through funeral service is fulfilling, providing many opportunities to help them through a difficult time. While I enjoy being active in many civic and charitable organizations, funeral service brings the greatest rewards.”

Let’s remember better days for the funeral director (featured 2nd in video). And no, he’s not “creepy” at all…ahem, cough.

TV Weatherman Brett Cummins Found Sleeping in Tub With Corpse

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KARK-TV Weatherman Brett Cummins

Maumelle, Arkansas

Police are trying to figure out what happened to an Arkansas man after his corpse was found next to a sleeping television meteorologist.

Both the corpse and the TV weatherman were found in the home of Christopher Barbour, who says he is a friend of 33-year-old KARK weatherman Brett Cummins. Barbour told police that he woke up Monday morning and found his friend (the TV weatherman Brett Cummins) asleep in his bathtub with a dead human corpse wearing a dog collar lying next to him.

Barbour told investigators Cummins had brought a friend that Barbour knew only as “Dexter” over the night before and the three were drinking and snorting drugs.

Barbour said he later fell asleep on his couch, and woke up around 8 a.m. the next morning. That is when he discovered the two men in the
bathtub, Cummins reportedly snoring, he said.

Barbour told police that Cummins screamed when he saw the discolored face of the man later identified as 24-year-old Dexter Paul
Williams, then bolted from the bathroom and vomited in the living room.

Dexter Williams

Cummins then left the house and promised to return later, Barbour told police. Officers are investigating the death and the medical
examiner is awaiting toxicology results to see how Williams died.

Cummins’ photo and bio are still on the KARK website.

By the way, here’s a copy of the official police report.

Delaware Pediatrician Earl Bradley Gets Life for Sexually Abusing Patients

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Pedophile Earl Bradley

Georgetown, Delaware

There is finally a conclusion to a story we have been watching for awhile, involving former Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley, who was accused of sexually abusing scores of young patients. Bradley will spend the rest of his life in prison for committing horrific acts of sexual abuse against his young  patients over more than a decade, a judge ruled Friday.

Bradley, 58, showed no emotion as Judge William Carpenter Jr. sentenced him to 14 life sentences without parole for 14 counts of first-degree rape. Bradley also was sentenced to more than 160 years in prison for multiple counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

Under state law, a life sentence is mandatory for a person convicted of rape against three or more separate victims.

“You will never be in a position to harm a child again,” Carpenter told Bradley, saying the serial pedophile had violated the trust of his patients and their families, the morals of the southern Delaware community of Lewes, and his oath as a medical professional to do no harm to his patients.

“You have severely violated that trust, and you have shamed your profession,” Carpenter told Bradley.

Bradley also videotaped the molestations, according to prosecutors, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection.

Bradley has been investigated on two earlier occasions, but had escaped prosecution. His luck ran out in December of 2009, after a 2-year-old girl complained to her mother after an office visit that the doctor had hurt her. The child had made a similar complaint to her father after an earlier visit.

When police finally arrested Bradley and searched his Lewes office complex, decorated with Disney themes and miniature amusement park rides, they seized dozens of homemade videos from an outbuilding where Bradley had lured patients with promises of treats and toys.

At a one-day bench trial in June, prosecutors presented testimony from two police investigators and gave Carpenter more than 13 hours of videos showing sex crimes against more than 80 victims, most of whom were toddlers.

In his testimony, state police detective Scott Garland described the rapes caught on video as brutal and violent. He explained how some videos showed Bradley with his hands wrapped tightly around the heads of young children, violently forcing them to perform oral sex on him. When Bradley was finished with such assaults, he would lift up the young victims by the head and throw them several feet onto a couch in the rear of the building where investigators found the damning videos, Garland testified. Bradley sometimes would perform “rescue breathing” and chest rubs to revive the semiconscious victims, the detective added.

Eric Fiegel Arrested For The Snake In His Pants

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Phoenix, Arizona

Police say that Eric Fiegel had a rather impressive package in his pants. That was several baby albino boa constrictors he picked up at an Arizona pet store.

Fiegel was arrested after police reviewed surveillance footage from Predator’s Reptile Center in Mesa. They say a July 30 video shows the 22-year-old man entering the store, removing several snakes from their cage and placing them in the pocket of his shorts before exiting the store without paying.

Police say Fiegel then traveled to another pet store and traded several of the snakes for $175 and a large reptile tank.

The Arizona Republic says a witness obtained a license plate number which police used to locate Fiegel. He was later identified by witnesses from a police lineup.

It was unclear Wednesday whether Fiegel has a lawyer.

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